1- Becoming an Artist by Setting the Right Goals.

becoming an artist

When I decided to become an artist, I opened my mind and imagined everything is possible. In the realm of my artistic aspirations, I discovered a roadmap to turn dreams into masterpieces—a journey encompassing SMART goal setting, the crafting of a Business Model Canvas, the creation of a Vision Board, and the transformative process of turning goals into actionable plans.

1.1- Becoming an Artist by Setting SMART Goals.

With a palette of ambition in hand, I embarked on the first chapter of my artistic odyssey—SMART goal setting.

The canvas of my dreams began to take shape as I delved into the specifics, making my aspirations tangible.

Each stroke of clarity, measured in achievable metrics and anchored in a time-bound framework, breathed life into my artistic vision. I was no longer a wanderer in the vast expanse of creativity; I was a purposeful artist, each goal a beacon guiding my brush.
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1.2- Design Your Creative Business Goals.

As I embraced the entrepreneurial spirit within my artistry, I ventured into the next chapter—the Business Model Canvas.

The canvas extended beyond my easel, encompassing customer segments, value propositions, channels, and revenue streams. I realized that my art was not just an expression but a sustainable enterprise.

With each stroke of strategic consideration, my artistic identity evolved into a thriving business model, a masterpiece in the making.
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1.3 - Make a Vision Board of Your Goals.

My studio transformed into a haven of dreams as I curated my Vision Board. Images of completed artworks, affirmations of self-belief, and symbols of personal significance adorned the board.

It was not just a collage; it was a visual narrative of my artistic journey. Placed prominently in my studio, it became a daily pilgrimage—a tangible reminder of my goals, motivations, and the vibrant tapestry of success I envisioned.
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1.4 - Turn your Goals Into Plans.

With a palette rich in goals, a canvas infused with entrepreneurial spirit, and a vision board radiating inspiration, I stood at the precipice of the final chapter. It was time to turn dreams into action. Each goal was carefully deconstructed into manageable tasks—a symphony of brushstrokes forming the blueprint of my artistic plan.

Setting priorities added rhythm to my creative process, and a thoughtfully crafted timeline became the conductor orchestrating the movement of my artistic symphony. Resources were allocated with precision, ensuring that every stroke on the canvas was imbued with purpose.
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