3.1- How to Find The Best Day Jobs For Artists.

Learn how to find the best day jobs for artists online. Jobs that wil pay the bills but allow you to work on your creations as much as possible. 
For most artists this is just a starting point and the goal is to escape the 9 to 5 as soon as possible.

If you are a starting artist, the concept of a day job might be familiar to you. Maybe you already have a day job but want to change it because it sucks the energy out of you and the little free time you have left ends up disappearing in the black hole of lost time.

What is a Good Day Job For an Artist?

Best day jobs for artists

The perfect day job for artists is a harmonious blend of flexibility and stability.

Recognizing the fluid nature of artistic inspiration the perfect job enjoys a flexible schedule, allowing you to balance your artistic pursuits and professional responsibilities seamlessly.

While artists often yearn for financial stability, a job offers a steady income, allowing you to focus on your craft without the constant stress of financial uncertainty.

Comprehensive health benefits ensure that you can focus on your craft without compromising your well-being.

The perfect day job acknowledges the importance of a healthy work-life balance, providing artists with the time and space to recharge and return to their craft with renewed energy.

Warning! A salary is the drug your employer gives you to make you forget your dreams.
Watch out for the golden handcuffs!!!

Types of Day Jobs For Artists

For artists, the quest for the perfect day job is not just about financial stability; it’s a delicate dance between sustaining oneself and nurturing the creative flame. Finding the ideal balance requires introspection, strategic planning, and a vision that aligns with your artistic aspirations. Let’s embark on the journey of defining and finding the perfect day job as an artist.

-Boring Jobs

Before you embark on the quest for the perfect day job, take a moment to define your artistic values. What themes, mediums, or styles resonate with you the most? Understanding your artistic identity will serve as a compass guiding you toward opportunities that align with your creative vision.

-Artistic and Creative Jobs

While artistic fulfillment is crucial, the perfect day job should also meet your financial needs. Assess your living expenses, including rent, utilities, and art supplies. Determine a baseline income that allows you to cover your essentials while affording you the time and resources to pursue your craft.

-Teaching art

Consider your skill set beyond your artistic talents. What other skills do you possess that could be valuable in a day job? Whether it’s organizational skills, communication, or project management, identifying these competencies broadens your job search and opens doors to diverse opportunities.

-Opposite jobs to your art.

Look for day jobs that offer flexibility and support for your artistic pursuits. Jobs with flexible hours, remote work options, or companies that value creativity can provide the space you need to balance your artistic endeavors with professional responsibilities.

Where To Find The Best Day Jobs for Artists.


On LinkedIn, artists can weave their professional aspirations into a rich tapestry of opportunities. From roles in art curation and exhibition management to positions in creative agencies and design studios, this platform connects artists with a broad spectrum of day jobs.

Explore listings for graphic designers, illustrators, creative directors, and even roles in art education. LinkedIn provides a canvas for artists to showcase their portfolios, connect with industry professionals, and discover global opportunities that align with their artistic passions.

Find your job on Linkedin.


Indeed, a comprehensive job search engine, unfolds a vast palette of artistic careers for job-seeking artists. Here, one can explore opportunities ranging from freelance gigs and part-time roles to full-time positions. From graphic design and illustration to art therapy and teaching, Indeed encompasses a diverse array of day jobs for artists. 

Whether seeking opportunities in renowned art institutions, creative agencies, or startup ventures, artists can navigate Indeed’s expansive canvas to find positions that resonate with their unique skills and aspirations.
Find your job on Indeed.


As a dedicated platform for the creative industry, Creativepool offers artists a refreshing dive into a pool of tailored opportunities. From design and advertising to digital marketing and branding, artists can explore a curated selection of day jobs in their specific niche.

Creativepool’s community-driven approach provides a unique space for artists to showcase their portfolios, connect with industry peers, and discover day jobs that align with their artistic expertise. Whether freelancing, seeking part-time roles, or pursuing full-time positions, artists can navigate Creativepool’s pool of opportunities with a focus on their creative passion.
Find your job on Creativepool.


Glassdoor not only illuminates potential artistic careers but also sheds light on the cultures of prospective employers. Artists can explore job listings in design, multimedia, animation, and more, while also gaining insights into the work environments and values of creative companies.

Glassdoor’s comprehensive reviews and salary information provide artists with a holistic view of potential day jobs, empowering them to make informed decisions about where to contribute their creative talents.
Find your job on Glassdoor.