2.3- How to Be Creative and Think Like an Artist.

Learning how to be creative is one of the most important factor of being an artist. Creativity is like a muscle, it can be trained. There are many exercises that can help you train that muscle.

But even with a well trained creativity muscle, artists can get stuck. Sometimes we just don’t see it or don’t know how to go on with a certain project. That’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to the best of us. Maybe we just need to connect with our inner muse.

What is Creative Thinking?

Thinking like an artist

Creative thinking is the alchemy of the mind, a magical realm where ideas dance freely and imagination takes flight. It’s the ability to see beyond the ordinary, to weave tapestries of innovation with the threads of curiosity. Imagine your mind as a boundless canvas, and creative thinking as the palette that transforms the mundane into the extraordinary.

At its core, creative thinking is not a skill; it’s a mindset, a way of approaching challenges with an open heart and a mind unfettered by conventional constraints. It’s the art of connecting seemingly unrelated dots, finding beauty in chaos, and sculpting novel solutions from the clay of possibilities.

Creative thinking beckons you to question, to explore, and to welcome the whispers of your inner muse. It invites you to break free from the chains of conformity and chart your course through the unexplored waters of your mind. It’s an invitation to dance with ambiguity, to revel in uncertainty, and to find joy in the process of discovery.

In the symphony of thoughts, let creativity be the conductor,
orchestrating melodies of innovation that dance beyond the confines of the expected,
painting the world with the hues of boundless imagination.

Learning to Think Outside of the Box.

For those yearning to become more creative, consider creative thinking as a treasure map, leading you to the hidden gems of your own ingenuity. It’s an adventure where each moment of curiosity, every leap of faith into the unknown, contributes to the masterpiece of your creative journey.

Picture a garden of ideas, where each seed is a thought waiting to bloom. Creative thinking is the gardener, tending to the soil of inspiration, cultivating a landscape where innovation blossoms in vibrant colors. It’s about embracing the unknown, stepping into the uncharted territory of one’s thoughts, and nurturing the seeds of imagination until they grow into mighty trees of creativity.

So, embrace the kaleidoscope of your thoughts, let your imagination soar on the wings of possibility, and dive into the sea of creative thinking where innovation knows no bounds. The world is your canvas, and with creative thinking as your guide, the strokes of brilliance you paint will be as boundless as your imagination allows.

The Best Online Creativity Training Programs:

Thinking Creatively.

This course will teach you how to boost your creativity, regardless of your job. The instructor emphasises discusses obstacles to creativity and presents behaviours and strategies for generating innovative ideas and solutions.

The course also covers creating a strong creative team, facilitating productive group sessions and selecting the best ideas as a team.

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Creativity Course by a Creativity Coach.

This program is designed to help individuals from various backgrounds to boost their creative abilities. It offers practical creative thinking tools and techniques, including ways to connect with the foundations of creativity, optimise the creative environment and lead creative group sessions.
Training includes warm-up techniques, creative thinking tools and visualisations/meditations to enhance both divergent and convergent thinking. 

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The Creative Thinker’s Toolkit.

Anyone can be creative and improve their creative thinking skills by using the right tools and techniques.This course focuses on the four stages of the creative problem-solving process: Clarify, Ideate, Develop, and Implement.

It provides tools for each stage to maximise creativity and problem-solving abilities and ncludes 24 lectures with exercises, demonstrations and real-world examples from successful creative people in different fields.

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Cracking the Creativity Code: Discovering Ideas.

This course is aimed at empowering individuals who believe they have lost their creativity. It teaches proven tools, frameworks and concepts to help re-ignite creativity and offers practical tools for delivering ideas based on business and management principles.

You will get the skills needed to manage a process for generating ideas, solve problems with creativity and demonstrate creative problem-solving skills.

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