7- Improve and Learn How to Become a Better Artist.

how to become a better artist

Learning how to become a better artist and improving productivity is a journey with great rewards. In the beginning I used the cheapest tools and materials I could find. Once I started making a little bit of money, I started investing in better tools, both physical and digital. I also make plans so I can become as productive as possible.
I also found a mentor that provides me with valuable feedback regularly .

7.1- How to Become a Productive Artist.

Consistency is key to being a productive artist. Developing a regular schedule and routine for our art practice can help us establish good habits and make the most of our time.

Having a dedicated workspace for art creation can help us focus and get into a creative mindset. Preferably, it should be a separate, inspiring room where we can have our creative mess ready to go, free from distractions.

Being a productive artist requires a lot of mental and physical energy that’s why it’s so important to take good care of ourselves. This includes things like getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, eating well and taking time to relax and recharge.

Being organised and managing our time effectively can help us stay on top of our tasks and avoid wasting time. This can include things like creating to-do lists, prioritising tasks and setting deadlines. Get some tools to become a more productive artist.

7.2- Getting Better Tools and Materials.

In the canvas of creativity, artists possess the innate ability to evolve into visionary entrepreneurs, sculpting their dreams into thriving enterprises.

More than just having a business, entrepreneurship is about investing, expanding and diversifying. 

As you embark on this transformative journey, envision your artistic endeavors not just as expressions but as seeds of a burgeoning empire. Here’s a glimpse into the empowering metamorphosis from artist to creative entrepreneur:

Grow your art business and become a creative entrepreneur.

7.3- Growing and Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur.

“Good tools and materials pave the way for great art.”

As an artist or craftsman, having access to quality materials and supplies is essential to our work. This is true for physical tools as well as hardware and software.

Many of the online tools, websites and apps discussed on this website have a free trial or a free version. Often such solutions are limited in quality or quantity. As soon as we can afford it, we might be better off with the paid version.

Remember that good tools cannot only improve the quality of the end result, but can also save us some time and are often more pleasant to work with.

So along with the quality, the joy of work and the productivity also get a boost. Once replaced, we could consider selling or giving the old tools away to other fellow artists that are just starting out. How to find the best art supplies.

7.4- Getting Feedback From a Creative Consultant.

Getting feedback from a random bully on social media does not help. We must ignore negative comments from strangers.

Instead, lets try to get feedback from people that matter. Think of people that understand art and are able to put their thoughts into words in a constructive way.

As an artist it is essential that we react well to all feedback. Taking it all in without becoming emotional or defensive. No excuses or explanations, just asking follow up questions to get as much information as possible.

Getting that feedback is only the first part of becoming a better artist. We must do something with that feedback. Maybe we need to practice something a bit more or learn how to do things differently. How to find t he right creative consultant.