How to Become a Free Artist & Travel the World.

It’s easier than ever to become a free artist. Working remotely was already getting some traction but thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic, this concept was embraced by many companies and it’s popularity grew rapidly.

Many employees work part of their working days from home or a beach in paradise . Why would this be any different for a self employed artist?

What is a Free Artist or Creative Digital Nomad?

Digital nomads

A creative digital nomad is a modern-day alchemist, seamlessly blending the boundless realms of creativity with the freedom to wander the globe. Unlike traditional artists confined to studios, these nomadic visionaries wield laptops, tablets, and digital tools as their paintbrushes, transforming the world into a canvas that extends far beyond the confines of a physical space.

Picture this: a spirited artist with a backpack slung over one shoulder, navigating bustling city streets, lush landscapes, or serene coastal retreats. This nomad isn’t bound by the walls of a studio but instead finds inspiration in the ebb and flow of diverse cultures, vibrant street art, and the kaleidoscope of experiences that shape the human narrative.

The digital nomad artist’s toolkit is a symphony of technology and artistic prowess. They harness the power of digital platforms to showcase their work to a global audience, transcending geographical barriers. Whether a painter, graphic designer, writer, or multimedia artist, their craft is not confined to a static space; it’s a dynamic force that adapts to the ever-changing landscapes they traverse.

The free artist paints dreams on a global canvas,
types tales in city symphonies,
and sculpts pixels with a passport to inspiration.

Becoming a Free Artist and Travelling the World.

Creativity, for the digital nomad artist, is not just a product of talent but a lifestyle. It’s about infusing every pixel, stroke, or word with the essence of their journey, making each creation a living testament to the kaleidoscopic tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and emotions they encounter.

What makes this lifestyle so appealing to artists? It’s the fusion of artistic expression with the exhilarating freedom to explore. The nomadic artist draws inspiration from ancient cobblestone streets in Europe, the rhythmic beats of a bustling Asian market, or the tranquility of a sun-drenched beach in the tropics. Every place becomes a palette, every experience a stroke on the canvas of their evolving narrative.

Beyond the aesthetic allure, being a creative digital nomad is a rebellion against creative stagnation. It’s a deliberate choice to break free from the mundane, to seek inspiration not only from galleries but from the pulse of everyday life, the heartbeat of new horizons.

In this nomadic existence, the digital artist becomes an ambassador of their craft, transcending the traditional boundaries of art. They connect with fellow creatives across continents, collaborate on global projects, and bring the world closer through the universal language of art.

So, for the artist with a heart untamed and a spirit unbound, the allure of becoming a creative digital nomad lies not just in creating art but in living it. It’s about embracing a lifestyle where the world becomes both muse and canvas, and each stroke, click, or keystroke is an adventure waiting to be unfolded.

They are the architects of their creative landscapes, crafting not only art but also a profound connection between their soulful creations and the hearts of those who encounter them.

Independent artists forge their path, unapologetically shaping the cultural tapestry with the vibrant hues of their imagination and the harmonies of their unique voices.

Books That Will Help You Become a Free Artist & Digital Nomad:

“The Digital Nomad Handbook.”

This guidebook aims to inspire and motivate people to live and work on the road.

It explains the practicalities of working while traveling, such as income generation, managing career changes, and maintaining relationships.

It also showcases ideal destinations for digital nomads, offering information about each location and inspirational tales from other digital nomads, including the benefits of being a digital nomad, what jobs they do, essentials to carry, overcoming loneliness and language tips.

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“The Art of Non-Conformity”

If you’ve ever felt unfulfilled with the traditional nine-to-five lifestyle, this is the book for you. Based on Chris Guillebeau’s online manifesto “A Brief Guide to World Domination,” this book challenges conventional wisdom about life and work.

It provides the tools for living differently. You will learn how to live on your own terms through self-employment, unconventional goal-setting, unique travel experiences, and embracing life as a constant adventure. You will learn how you can create your own plan for personal and global transformation.

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“The Digital Nomad Survival Guide”

The book covers a wide range of topics, including the practicalities of working on the road, such as managing finances, staying connected and staying healthy.

They explore the benefits and challenges of working remotely, including building a supportive network, staying motivated and productive, and navigating different time zones and cultural differences.

It also includes helpful tips for finding the best destinations for digital nomads, based on factors such as cost of living, internet speed, and safety.

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“The 4-Hour Work Week”

This book provides a blueprint for achieving financial independence and freeing up time to pursue one’s passions and goals. 

It covers various strategies for increasing income, such as starting an online business and minimising time spent on work by leveraging technology, automation and outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants.

The book also offers tips for taking advantage of opportunities for travel and adventure and provides a roadmap for breaking free from the traditional work routine.

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