6- How to Sell Art and Become a Profitable Artist.

How to sell art

I learned where and how to sell art by just doing research. Luckily I found a lot of great online platforms to help me do just that. I am exploring new ways of making an income by offering my work online. I will be sharing my experiences with these platforms here on this website so that you can make money with your creativity with very little hassle and a bigger chance of success.

6.1 - Selling Art Through Traditional Venues.

Galleries, art shops and expositions have been the place to be for artists and collectors alike for decades.

Once the gatekeeper lets us in, we are granted the privilege of selling our hard work while the enabler takes a big cut.

If our work doesn’t sell for whatever reason, we will have spent a considerable amount of money, time and effort getting it there, for nothing.

Selling art this way sounds somewhat ridiculous now but it has been the norm for a long time. Nowadays there are other options but there are a lot of artists among us that still prefer this way of doing things. That’s why we include it, hoping that everybody that goes down this path learns how to get the most out of it.
Sell your art the traditional way.

6.2 - Selling Your Physical Art on the Internet.

Although this way of selling is not completely hassle free because the artwork still has to be packaged and shipped, we do save a lot of time and money by selling it online.

Our shop will be open 24 hours a day and we will be able to sell our art, even when we are asleep, without necessarily having to interact with buyers or dealers.

The amount of potential customers is much higher because of the global character of the internet.

Although there are online marketplaces with built-in search engine, we will yield better results if we are capable to promote it ourselves through our well built website with good SEO, e-mail listing or social media promotion.
Sell your physical artwork online.

6.3 - Selling Your Art With Print on Demand.

The advent of Print on Demand (PoD) has revolutionized the way we can share and monetize our creations. 

We upload an image of our artwork to an online marketplace and every time it’s sold, a third party takes care of printing it on the chosen object and shipping it to the buyer.

This is the realm where a writer can publish a book without a publisher and where visual artists can make money with their art without having to part from their beloved art piece.

It all started with printing images on t-shirts and mugs but nowadays the possibilities are endless. We can print almost any image on almost any object imaginable. Sell your art with print on demand.

6.4 - Selling Your Art as Digital Downloads.

The most convenient and hassle free way to sell art is here. All we have to do is create a high resolution digital image and upload it to an online marketplace.

The buyer downloads our artwork and then takes it to a professional printing service nearby that will produce a high quality reproduction of the artwork and put it in a frame.

No packaging, no shipping, no customer service, no hassle. Say hello to infinite recurring passive income.

This method of course only works with flat artwork. But, even sculptors and performing artists can take advantage of this system by just creating beautiful photographs of their work and offering them as a digital download. Get started with Digital Downloads.