5- How to Promote Your Art.

how to promote your art

Once I felt ready, I started promoting my art online and offline. The first step was to design a brand with name and logo. Then I used that brand to make business cards, build my website and create social media profiles. The next step will be to create engaging content for my social media channels and I will even design my artist booth to be used in t he real world. 

5.1- Design Your Creative Brand.

First we need a good name for our company and our logo should represent what we do or who we are. Even if we are planning to use it online only, Its important that we make a big logo in high resolution format so that we can use it for print in the future.

We must also establish the look and feel of our company to be used consistently in business cards, stationary, website, social media banners and profile pictures.

It’s not difficult and any creative person with a little bit of digital knowledge can do this in one day. Start designing your creative brand.

5.2- Building an Artist Website.

As a professional creative, basically, there are two kinds of websites we can choose from. The professional artist portfolio website often has the name of the artist and consists of a handful of pages. There is no significant monetisation or possibilities to embed passive income on such a website besides selling art.

This kind of website only makes sense for established artists. When people already know the name of the artist, they will find this website by googling the artists name.

A second type of website is the Niche blog site. A website like this often has a non personal name and consists of dozens of pages with articles about a specific art niche. Learn how to build a website.

5.3- Creating Social Media Content.

Depending on the strategy, we will be posting regularly on the social media of our choice to promote our work.

The visual appeal of our art is one of the key factors that will attract potential fans. So it’s important to use high-quality images to showcase that work. Using a good camera or smartphone and properly lighting the artwork is very important.

Using the right hashtags and keywords are essential to reach a wider audience on social media. We can also create a branded hashtag to help build a community around our work.

Social media is a two-way communication platform. We need to engage with our followers and respond to comments and messages. This will help build a sense of community and foster relationships with potential customers. Start making content for your social media channels.

5.4- Designing an Artist Booth For Expositions.

If we choose to take our art into the real world, we may need an artist booth to display our work in galleries, expositions or shops. It’s a good idea to think about this concept even if we are only planning on showing our work online. This exercise will help us define our brand further.

In the bustling world of art exhibitions, a booth becomes the artist’s stage, a curated space where creativity leaps off canvases and sculptures breathe life into the surroundings. It’s not just a booth; it’s a portal, a unique realm designed to captivate, communicate, and elevate the artist’s vision.

The booth isn’t merely a promotional tool; it’s the artist’s eloquent voice in a crowded gallery, resonating with those who seek to be moved by the transformative power of art. Design your artist booth.