6.1- Where to Sell Art.

Finding the right place where to sell art is not easy. For artists, the quest to find the perfect spaces to showcase and sell physical artworks is a thrilling odyssey, a journey that transcends studio walls and invites the world to experience the magic of their creations.
Let’s embark on this empowering expedition, uncovering strategic steps to place your paintings and sculptures in the spotlight of shops, galleries, and exhibitions.

What is a Good Place to Sell Your Art?

Where to sell art

In the tapestry of the art world, finding spaces to showcase and sell your physical artworks is a multifaceted adventure. Empower yourself by navigating local and digital landscapes, forging connections, and fearlessly presenting your artistic narrative to the world.
Your paintings and sculptures are not just creations—they’re invitations for the world to embark on a journey through your unique artistic universe.

Before setting out on your artistic journey, cultivate a clear understanding of your artistic identity. Define your style, thematic elements, and the stories your artworks convey. This clarity becomes your guiding light when seeking spaces that align with your vision.


In the hallowed halls of the gallery, brushstrokes whisper tales, and sculptures echo the sublime; each piece, a poetic dance, awaiting the alchemy of connection as hearts converse in the silent dialogue of art.

How to Find Places Where to Sell Your Art Near You.

-Start Local.
Begin your quest in your own backyard. Explore local galleries, art co-ops, and community art spaces. These hubs often provide emerging artists with a platform to showcase their work. Attend gallery openings, connect with curators, and immerse yourself in the local art scene.

Explore partnerships with local shops, cafes, and boutiques that align with your artistic style. Propose temporary art displays or even collaborate on exclusive collections. These unique spaces can serve as unconventional galleries, introducing your art to diverse audiences.

-Attend Art Fairs and Exhibitions:
Art fairs and exhibitions are bustling hubs where artists connect with collectors, curators, and fellow creators. Research and attend events that resonate with your artistic vision. Consider participating as an exhibitor to showcase your physical artworks and engage with a broader audience.

-Connect with Art Consultants:
Art consultants and advisors can be valuable allies in your quest. They have insights into the art market and can guide you towards suitable opportunities. Attend art-related events where consultants may be present, and don’t hesitate to reach out and share your portfolio.

-Collaborate with Interior Designers:
Art and interior design share a symbiotic relationship. Collaborate with interior designers who may be looking for unique artworks to enhance their projects. Your paintings and sculptures could find a home in residential or commercial spaces, creating a win-win collaboration.

-Create Your Artistic Events:
Take the reins of your artistic destiny by organizing your own exhibitions or pop-up events. Seek out venues, partner with local businesses, and turn your art showcase into a community celebration. This not only showcases your art but also positions you as an active participant in the local art scene.

Find Artist Calls, Festivals and Exhibitions:

Open art calls on ArtCall.org

ArtCall stands as a vibrant platform in the artistic landscape, dedicated to providing artists with a gateway to opportunities, exhibitions, and calls for entries. With a global reach, ArtCall.org serves as a dynamic hub, facilitating the intersection of artistic talent with diverse showcases around the world.

It serves as an aggregator of opportunities, compiling a comprehensive list of calls for artists, exhibitions, and contests on a global scale. This feature empowers artists to discover and engage with a multitude of showcasing possibilities.

The platform streamlines the submission process, offering artists a user-friendly interface to apply for various opportunities. This simplicity enhances accessibility, ensuring that artists can focus on expressing their creativity rather than navigating complex submission procedures.

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The Art Guide.

The Art Guide is a comprehensive platform, that curates a wealth of information about art shows, competitions, and calls for entries, serving as a beacon for creators worldwide.

It opens doors to a global stage, presenting a curated selection of art opportunities, including exhibitions, contests, and juried shows. Artists can explore a myriad of possibilities beyond borders.

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Art Show, an online platform at the intersection of creativity and opportunity, is a comprehensive resource for artists seeking physical showcase opportunities worldwide. With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to connecting artists with a myriad of exhibition possibilities, Art Show serves as a virtual gateway to the vibrant and diverse world of art.

Art Show offers subscription services that keep artists informed about the latest opportunities. The subscription model allows artists to receive regular updates, ensuring they stay in the loop about upcoming exhibitions, contests, and calls for artists.

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This comprehensive platform is more than a directory; it’s a dynamic portal connecting artists with a plethora of opportunities globally.ArtDeadline.com serves as an extensive directory of calls for entries, exhibitions, and contests. Artists can explore a diverse range of opportunities that span the globe, providing avenues to showcase their creativity.

Whether it’s a gallery exhibition, an art contest, or a residency program, ArtDeadline.com aggregates a myriad of opportunities. Artists can find listings that cater to various mediums, styles, and themes.

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